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With GenTec, Empowerment Takes On a Whole New Meaning!

For more than 15 years now, family owned and operated Generator Technologies Inc. (GenTec) has been providing residential homeowners (as well as commercial and industrial businesses, and municipal operations) throughout Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana with proven, powerful, safe and cost-effective automated solutions to the recurring challenges of Power Outages.

GenTec owner and senior installer Steve Gibson, along with factory trained technical and installation crews, handle field operations, supported by administrative and customer service professionals from their Crete, IL, headquarters.

GenTec has been recognized by the automated standby generator systems manufacturers they represent as among the very best sales and installation teams in the entire Midwest region – particularly for their expertise, reliability, and ability to deliver on their promises on-time and on-budget. Customer Comments strongly support this contention, as shown HERE..


GENERAC Elite Dealer

Kohler Authorized Dealer


KOHLER Unit MaintenancePerhaps more importantly, there is also the vast contingent of literally hundreds upon hundreds of highly satisfied customers, who show their gratitude by regularly referring GenTec to friends, neighbors, families, and business acquaintances time and again.

Why Own an Automated Standby Generator System?

Would it surprise you to learn that the typical residential dwelling experiences as many as FIVE (5)  power outages yearly? Whether due to natural or man-made causes... whether for an hour, a day or maybe even
a week... suddenly and unexpectedly, there you and your family are, alone in the dark, completely without power. The essential systems you tend to take for granted are just gone. No lights, no heat, no air conditioning, no microwave... no sump pump to stop your basement from flooding, risking furniture, fixtures, and possibly even foundations. And of course, hundreds of dollars of food in your refrigerator(s) or freezer(s) is suddenly at risk of spoilage.

Briggs & Stratton 10kW Res. UnitWhat more reasons might you need to consider the benefits of having such
an invaluable system at your complete disposal, each and every day?

With a durable, reliable Automated Standby Generator System*, your in-home power can and does return – literally within 10 seconds of sensing a power outage – helping to keep your home and family safe, secure, and able to function and even communicate to emergency services if and when needed. Because our installed systems are designed for full automation, your Standby Power System will produce electricity as soon as it senses a power outage – Generac Res. System24 / 7 / 365... even if you're away from home (or office).

Every name brand Automatic Standby Generator System we sell and/or install is directly connected by factory trained technicians to your home’s natural gas or propane service, providing you with continued, balanced power during an outage of any nature or extent.

Don’t wait until the next power outage to take charge of your situation.
Call us today to make sure a power outage never again compromises your family’s safety and well being -- 708-672-6251.


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